3rd Fembruary Challenge Part II – female Eldar proto-Dire Avenger

Proto-Dire Avenger 01

I actually managed to paint 2 female models in time for Leadballoony‘s 3rd Fembruary Challenge, so I thought I’d post this one too. Continue reading

Clan Scrutens: Skaven (Mordheim) Expeditionary Force

Mordheim Skaven Clan Scrutens Heroes
Heroes L-R: Skavenslave (youngblood) with club sling and dagger, black skaven with halberd and pistols, assassin adept with weeping blades and pistols, wizard with club and pistols, black skaven with halberd and pistols, skavenslave (youngblood) with club sling and dagger

I earlier featured some test models from this warband, which is now complete. Continue reading