Hasslefree youth and some pine trees


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More Jungle Trees

As the title says! This set features a 40K specific piece being a crashed land-speeder, made from a junk land-speeder I picked up in a job lot at a garage sale.

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Exploring the wreck, deep in the jungle.
Exploring the wreck, deep in the jungle.

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Blood Bowl WIP and Inspiration

My latest project is the Averheim Avengers for Blood Bowl. This is taking a bit of precedence over other projects at the moment as there is a tournament in August which I may attend if I can: 1. Learn the game (having never played before!); and, 2. Paint a team! This all came about by innocently commenting in someone’s painting diary on the WAU Forums, discovering we live in the same city, and being invited to the tournament! Be careful how liberally you comment on people’s threads it seems! 🙂 This is the team so far. I expect to have some test models done (at least to base coats) in the next week.

The whole team
The whole team – the models are sculpted by Gary Morley with the exception of the ogre which is a Hasslefree miniature sculpted by Kev White

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