Star Wars: Armada painted fighters

Quick and dirty paint-jobs meant to look good at a distance. I actually felt a bit ashamed after I had painted these; googling pictures and seeing the amazing stuff some others have done. Still, they were quick jobs to get them on the table and I may go back and tidy them up later (well, probably I won’t, but I will feel better for telling myself that). The people I board-game with are not generally the same people I war-game with, so they are amazed I painted them at all, not judging how well I did it.

The TIEs led by Howlrunner herself, 5th from the left. ... or is she 2nd from the left...? Damn, they all look the same!
The TIEs led by Howlrunner herself, 5th from the left. … or is she 2nd from the left…? Damn, they all look the same!

The TIEs were really quite hard to paint but I think they look ok from a distance, certainly much better than they did before.

The full TIE complement from the starter set

The X-wings were much easier to get a half-way decent effect. I spent about 2 hours in total to do all the fighters from the starter set.

The X-wing squadrons from the starter set

I am used to Games Workshop prices in general, but still I was bit shocked at the prices to get into Armada. Stupidly, I bought the starter set as an impulse, without having read any serious reviews, thinking it was enough; only to find that you need a minimum of two starter sets (or the equivalent number of ships and fighters) to play anything more than the learning scenario. Also, they don’t give you enough dice in the starter set. Say what you like about Games Workshop, but I have not felt cheated by them. Outraged from time to time, but not cheated.

Close up of Yellow leader

Anyway, I am looking forward to playing the game very soon (after I have bought another starter set of course….) and may post up my thoughts thereafter.