Mike McVey’s Lizardmen vs. Estalians diorama

Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 1 (Lizardmen Book)
Inside front cover of Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen by Nigel Stillman, Games Workshop, 1997 (ISBN: 1 872372 56 2)
Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 2 (WD207(Oz))
White Dwarf Issue 207 (Australia) p. 74 (ISSN 0265-8712)

Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 3 (WD207(Oz))

Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 6 and 7 stitched (WD207(Oz))
Unfortunately a card insert has made the middle of the 2 pages impossible to scan without pulling the magazine apart.



Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 4 (WD207(Oz))


Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 5 (WD207(Oz))

Old School Blood Bowl Human Colour Schemes

Some old school human colour schemes from the Eavy Metal team. I have not seen these before in my researches, so thought to post them up for reference. They are part of the Eavy Metal painting guide from the Blood Bowl Box.

The classic team, The Reikland Reavers
The classic team, The Reikland Reavers
Carroburg Crusaders
Carroburg Crusaders
Averland Knights
Averland Knights
An earlier scheme for The Marauders
An earlier scheme for The Marauders. Reading the background in the Blood Bowl rulebook, The Marauders were originally the Middenheim Marauders, but were disbanded following the team’s bankruptcy. Therefore, this earlier red and white scheme (that is, the colours of Middenheim) makes a lot more sense than the later scheme shown in my post below (black and yellow being the colours of Averland).

Obviously the Averland Knights are the most relevant for my own painting purposes, and have certainly given me some further ideas for my own team, but I did enjoy seeing these other classic schemes.

Blood Bowl WIP and Inspiration

My latest project is the Averheim Avengers for Blood Bowl. This is taking a bit of precedence over other projects at the moment as there is a tournament in August which I may attend if I can: 1. Learn the game (having never played before!); and, 2. Paint a team! This all came about by innocently commenting in someone’s painting diary on the WAU Forums, discovering we live in the same city, and being invited to the tournament! Be careful how liberally you comment on people’s threads it seems! 🙂 This is the team so far. I expect to have some test models done (at least to base coats) in the next week.

The whole team
The whole team – the models are sculpted by Gary Morley with the exception of the ogre which is a Hasslefree miniature sculpted by Kev White

The ogre is Hasslefree‘s Axenarf, converted by the removal of his axe.

The inspiration for the (planned) colour scheme is this classic scheme as seen in White Dwarf 223 (1998). I will put my own twists on, of course 🙂 (Click for bigger pictures.)

from White Dwarf 223
The Marauders human Blood Bowl team from White Dwarf 223
WD223-1998-Blood Bowl 1
The Marauders vs. The Norsca Rampagers from WD 223
WD223-1998-Blood Bowl 2
The Marauders and Norsca Rampagers from the contents page WD 223
WD223-1998-Mail Order Pages
The Marauders and Norsca Rampagers from the Mail Order pages, WD 223

Chris Dennison’s Dark Angels Army from White Dwarf 223 (1998)

As is obvious from the title of this blog, my main hobby inspiration is from what I consider to be Game’s Workshop’s golden decade, the 1990s; the time stretching from the closing years of Rogue Trader through to the first couple of years of 3rd edition Warhammer 40,000 (I realise that is far later than what most “Oldhammerers”, if I can put myself, very loosely, into that vague category, consider to be GW’s golden era, but life would be boring if we were all the same).

As such, I may, from time to time, post material from or about that era that I consider to be inspirational. In particular, a project planned for the near(ish) future is some jungle space marines, and this picture has played some part in helping to form my vision for the project. The final reality will no doubt be very different, as the vision changes almost daily(!), but this has certainly been part of it. And, yes, I am a fan of the “Red Era”.

White Dwarf 223 (1998) Back Page - Chris Dennison's Dark Angels - click for a (much) bigger picture
White Dwarf 223 (1998) Back Page – Chris Dennison’s Dark Angels – click for a (much) bigger picture

My regular readers (how self indulgent that sounds! and yet how thrilling to think it seems some actually exist!) shouldn’t feel any need to comment on these sort of posts, but I hope some enjoyment and nostalgia will result.