Mike McVey’s Lizardmen vs. Estalians diorama

Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 1 (Lizardmen Book)
Inside front cover of Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen by Nigel Stillman, Games Workshop, 1997 (ISBN: 1 872372 56 2)
Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 2 (WD207(Oz))
White Dwarf Issue 207 (Australia) p. 74 (ISSN 0265-8712)

Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 3 (WD207(Oz))

Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 6 and 7 stitched (WD207(Oz))
Unfortunately a card insert has made the middle of the 2 pages impossible to scan without pulling the magazine apart.



Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 4 (WD207(Oz))


Mike McVey Lizardmen diorama 5 (WD207(Oz))



Some Estalian arquebusiers painted recently. Painted in the style of the soldiers from the famous Mike McVey diorama made for the release of the Lizardmen. I will post some scans of that shortly.

The back row


Colours used:

The model was base coated, then the whole model apart from the ruffs, sleeves, and any other bits that would be pure white, was washed with a mix of GW Flesh Ink thinned out with GW Lahmian Medium, water, dishwashing liquid, and GW ‘Ardcoat (gloss varnish).

Skin: Dwarf flesh washed   as above, then highlights with Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh, then Elf Flesh with white added, up to a final highlight of pure white.

Red: GW Scab Red highlighted with GW Evil Sunz Scarlet, then Evil Sunz Scarlet mixed with GW Blazing Orange up to pure Blazing Orange

Yellow: GW Sunburst Yellow mixed with GW Lamenters’ Yellow (Ink/Wash/?) and GW Skull White then more and more white added to highlight after the wash.

Buff sleeves and hose: Foundry Buff Leather triad, with white added for the final highlights.

White Hose: Foundry Canvas triad.

White: White zenithal undercoat. GW Asumen Blue Ink painted into folds and recesses, the GW Skull White to highlight.

Leather pouches &c.: Coat d’Arms Barbarian Leather with white added to highlight. GW Bestial Brown with white added to highlight used for variation if needed.

Gold: GW Brazen Brass then GW Shining Gold.

Metal: GW Boltgun Metal then GW Mithril Silver

Firearm stocks: Bestial Brown or Barbarian Leather then fine lines of Foundry Canvas, GW Bleached Bone, Foundry Buff Leather added.

Black lacquered armour: GW Chaos Black, highlighted GW Fortress Grey. After varnishing, GW ‘Ardcoat applied to re-gloss.

Pinstripes(hose): fine lines of GW Asurmen Blue.


Infuriatingly, I only realised when varnishing them that I had forgotten to paint the pinstripes on their hose. The only one who got pinstripes was the test figure. Oh well, c’est la vie; I have 20 more, plus command figures, to paint so when they are all done these ones without the pinstripes will just add to the variety….